Training Courses

Looking for a good UX sound training course? We’ve gathered a number of options on the web and listed them for you below.

But first the question, who are these courses designed for?

Sound Designers & UX Interest: Sound designers who have an interest in UX design and want to further their education.

UX designers with an affinity for sound: UX designers who make music themselves and may already have hobby experience with creating sounds and now want to delve deeper and more professionally into the subject.

Some online training courses:

More initial inspiration and thoughts for UX sound beginner:

I’m not searching for training programs, rather experts and profies who have sound design for me for a UX project – who may I contact?

Feel free to write to us or contact us.

Mail to Martin Schiessler (Audity GmbH, UX Sound New Business)
Phone: +49(0)7531 3638524